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As you know Lou and I have been members of Congregation T’chiyah.  The rabbi we hired three years ago, Alana Alpert, who is also a trained community organizer, started an organization, Detroit Jews For Justice (DJJ).  This organization has been a beacon of hope for us all who want to bring back a Jewish presence to assist the struggle to bring equity and justice to Detroit.  Detroit can be a beacon of hope for Michigan and the entire country.

Under the auspices of DJJ, I was delighted to participate in a course “Don’t Kvetch – Organize!” given by Join for Justice.   I learned so much about how one tackles social justice issues, to respect the thoughtful process and careful use of resources.  It enhanced my ability to understand and contribute to DJJ and other social justice organizations.

Chanuka has arrived, Christmas follows soon and my 75th birthday follows shortly.  As you may know my birthday is January 15th, the very same as Martin Luther King and in 2018 we get to celebrate MLK Day and my 75th birthday on the same day. 

I want to ask you for a Chanuka gift, Christmas gift and an early birthday present.  I would like to ask you to make a contribution in my name to Detroit Jews for Justice, so I can continue working with these amazing people, Jews and those to like to hang with Jews who are dedicated to make a difference in Detroit and the country.

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    Just made a donation to Congregation T'chiyah

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    Just made a donation to Congregation T'chiyah in honor of our birthday "kids" : Jeff, Roz & Frannie!

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Syma sits on DJJ's Steering Committee.
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